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Pick Up New Industrial Power Tools For 2011

24th January 2011

Industrial Power Tools are the bread winners of any engineering, automotive or construction company. While it is true that the bad worker always blames his tools, having the correct cordless drills, impact drivers, circular saws or mitre saws for the job in hand will definitely allow the tradesman to be successful in completing many varied and sometimes difficult working tasks efficiently and safely.
Compared to light duty cordless power tools and those designed for occasional use, Industrial Power Tools have long working lives and are expected to take the punishment of operating throughout a full working shift, every day of the working week for a number of years. If a professional power tool breaks down under standard heavy duty working conditions this will directly affect the overall job in hand and directly affect the profits of the company.

Heavy duty industrial power tools are built to be tough enough to survive the rigors of a busy working environment; they also need to have the accuracy to complete jobs faster and to a high finishing standard than ever before. Useful additions to industrial power tools now include laser guides on Mitre Saws, in-built LED job lights on Cordless Drills and impact drivers plus multipurpose non spark cutting blades on circular saws and chop saws all developments to reduce the setup time of a job and give tradesmen additional time to complete tasks safely and to a far higher finish than possible just a few years ago.

At Power Tools Pro the extensive range of power tools offered to the trade reflects manufacturer’s names that are renowned for quality industrial Power tools suitable for workshops and external rough site work. DeWALT, Makita and Bosch Power Tools all offer the trade rugged industrial power tools, all supplied with full industrial warranties, these cordless drills, circular saws, impact drivers, jigsaws and mitre saws allow your company to be more productive and efficient, assisting the skill of tradesmen to produce high quality work on time every time.

Industrial power tools safety guide

24th January 2011

All industrial power tools represent a danger to the operator if they are misused, mainly because they are designed to hit or cut faster than any hand tool ever made. Something commonplace like a lightweight cordless drills can be responsible serious injuries to the operator if mishandled. For this reason safety training of staff using power tools is a requirement of any construction or engineering based company.

Heavier Industrial Power Tools represent an ever greater risk than lighter hand tools, these machines are designed to deal with materials that are far tougher than any person. Saws in particular are designed to cut materials like wood, steel or brick and can cause real safety problems if not handled with care at all times . Understanding all the safety features of the various industrial power tools being used is the first step to an accident free workshop and safe injury free tradesmen.

Bench mounted equipment like mitre saws, or table saws must now have some kind of guard system to prevent accidental contact with the blade and it is imperative that the operator uses the pusher stick to keep hands well away from the cutting edge.

Most floor and bench mounted industrial power tools have an emergency cut off switch that can be hit by the operator or by a colleague to stop the machine instantly should a problem arises. All new tradesmen to the site should be fully trained and checked to ensure that they know where the cut-off switch is for each of the industrial power tools on the site or workshop. In addition each wired socket and tool connection in the workshop should have a high volt isolator. Operators should know where the isolator is for each machine or socket so that in an emergency they can remotely turn a corded power tool off.

Fortunately most modern cordless and corded industrial power tools have safety guards, release switches and safety features like electric brakes for immediate shutdown. The operation of features should be checked and operators cautioned about the dangers of trying to disable these features (for example; taping the safety guard out of the way on a circular saw) it should be made clear at all times that any interference with any industrial power tools safety features will mean automatic dismissal from the site.

Companies who operate a strong and clear industrial power tools safety code and system will avoid accidents in the workplace and on the job site, this will mean that safe clean working conditions contribute to the overall health of the company allowing for easier, safer and a more profitable overall performance of the company.

Makita LXT

24th January 2011

The Makita LXT range of lithium power tool are made up of compact and lightweight cordless tools that have a reputation for their robust construction and light weight handling. These qualities make them ideal to prevent operators becoming overtired, making a working day less of a strain and reducing the chance of injuries either through repetitive strain or loss of attention later in a long working day. The Makita LXT range is based around the companies fantastic Lithium Ion Batteries.

Lithium Batteries are a rapidly developing technology in the industrial power tools sector, giving them clear advantages over the more familiar NiCD or NiMH power cells. To the trade switching from NiMH powered tools, the most obvious differences will be compact size and weight. Lithium batteries are smaller and lighter than other types of general power tool battery and it is this property that gives the Makita LXT range their reputation for compact size and ease of use. Other key points for using modern Lithium Batteries include the fact that they do not suffer from the memory effect common in NiCD batteries, where repeated partial charging reduces the length of time a battery will hold its charge. Also lithium batteries can handle repeated quick top-up charges without causing any depreciation in tool life over an extended period.

A massive bonus for industrial power tools user of the Makita LXT Lithium power tools range is the fact that their lithium batteries can handle an extremely fast charge, the Makita BL1830 18v x 3Ah lithium battery, the most popular lithium battery in the Makita range needs just 22 minutes to fully charge using a standard Makita DC18RA charger. This offers the operator a massive reduction in downtime as tools will run for far longer than the charging cycle of spare batteries with no drop-off of power until the battery is fully exhausted. Tradesmen can now operate almost constantly between breaks and the lightweight design and compact size of the tools means that this constant workload will allow heavy workloads to be completed in the shortest time possible with greater safety, accuracy and reduced wear and tear on the operator.

Bosch Premium Lithium-ion Technology Three Advantages One System

12th January 2011

If you are old enough to remember back to the old days of the late 1970’s rock musicians such as Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull and Keith Emerson from Emerson Lake and Palmer talked about concept albums. Back then you were nobody if you were not into your concepts, move the clock forward 35 years and Bosch Power Tools are at it again, Bosch might not be able to hold a tune or play the Donnington Festival but their cordless lithium power tools might just be used to build it.Bosch 18v Lithium Hammer Drill

Bosch lithium power tools offer the professional user the complete lithium power tools system, powerful compact tools in various voltage classes, innovative battery technology and an intelligent transport and storage concept. The Bosch flexible power system offers a unique choice between two high performance Bosch lithium batteries providing you with the optimum battery pack for every application. The Bosch “premium” battery i.e. 18v Bosch 2607336092 allows for longer runtimes or the “compact” battery i.e. 14.4v Bosch 2607336038 offers less weight for comfortable safe working above head height.

Compact, Powerful Cordless Tools:

Bosch offer the trade the right lithium power tool like 14.4v GSR14.4V-LI, 18v GSB18V-LI or 36v GBH36V-LI for every type of professional job plus they all have extremely compact body designs. With this range of power tool Bosch offer the best ergonomics due to clever Bosch innovative solutions such as the extremely small, brushless motor in the GBH18V-LI Rotary Hammer Drill or GSR18V-LI. The Bosch standard is an optimum combination of power against weight allowing the operator some of the best handling cordless power tools in the market today.

Innovative Battery Technology:

Bosch premium lithium ion technology, unique lifetime and runtime with Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) protects Bosch lithium batteries against overload, overheating and complete discharge. Bosch’s high performance battery packs are extremely resilient due to high current capable battery cells and the intelligent power management coordinates the Bosch high-tech electronics with the motor, gearbox and battery.  

Intelligent Transport and Storage Concept:

Bosch L-BOXX – the intelligent system for transporting and storing your Bosch power tools, accessories and consumables, this is an unbeatable and easy system of clicking together and separating different L-BOXXes for convenient transportation of multiple power tools. The Bosch L-BOXX 102 to L-BOXX 374 offers exclusive compatibility with Sortimo fitting the German TUV-tested in-vehicle equipment system perfectly and without the need of any adaptors.

Bosch Storage L-BOXX 102Power Tools Pro are one of the leading stockists of the latest lithium power tools from Bosch, our website www.Power-Tools-Pro.co.uk shows full technical details of this range and all other leading power tool manufacturers supplying into the UK and European markets, the lithium power tools link will allow you to quickly look at any particular product that maybe of interest

Makita Power Tools

10th January 2011

Makita power tools began producing power tools in 1958 after producing electric motors and generators for 40 years. Their initial power tool range included portable planers, a first for any Japanese company and especially notable as a major export to Australia.

Makita’s experience with battery powered tools, in particular cordless drills began in 1969 with the introduction of their 6500D Drill, which featured a rechargeable battery pack. Battery development and the improvement of the machine parts of their tools has allowed Makita to become a global leader in power tool development and their latest ranges of Lithium-Ion battery powered tools give greater flexibility and better working performance than equivalent capacity NiMH batteries.

Makita’s experience at producing quality power tools is evident in their range of robust Cordless Drills/Drivers and Cordless Hammer Drills. These tools form the backbone of many construction and workshop tasks and are designed to cope with a hard life. For this reason most of the Makita LXT and LCT Machine Kits include a Hammer Drill Driver along with other useful power tools that share the Lithium battery platform.

4pce LXT400 Machine KitThe Makita LXT400 is a 4 piece 18v toolkit consisting of a Cordless Hammer Drill Driver, Circular Saw, Impact Driver and lithium powered torch. This lithium machine kit covers all the basic requirements for tradesmen throughout the UK and Europe. 3 x BL1830 lithium batteries makes it possible to work using 2 tools without a break as at one battery can be on charge while the other s are in use at all times throughout a shift.

For more specific lightweight use, the Makita LCT204W is a 2 piece Machine Kit featuring a Cordless Drill/ Driver and powerful Impact Driver, these 10.8v power tools make them ideal for assembly tasks and general site work especially where access may be tight or difficult to reach.2pce Makita 10.8v Machine Kit

Work Shop Safety: Hand Tool Safety

10th January 2011

Workshops are necessarily hazardous environments, tools that are designed to cut, drill or slice through wood and metal will have little trouble dealing flesh and bone. Application of some common sense rules and practices will not only enhance site safety but make working and site communication easier.

Cordless Drills and Drill Drivers are among the most common tools on a construction site or in any workshop. The familiarity of these tools can tend to make tradesmen complacent to the danger a hammer drill driver can present. One of the simplest ways to avoid injury is to avoid contact with any cutting edges except when changing bits. Before changing any drill bit ensure that the chuck cannot rotate by operating the power tool lock off switch, the lock off switch should also be engaged if you are going to lay your drill down to check your work. In an open floored environment it is all too easy for the spinning chuck to whip the tool off the working surface and fall onto a colleague or yourself. Most modern cordless drills, like the Makita 6281DWP 14.4v Drill Driver, feature an electric brake, stopping the shaft almost dead when the trigger is released but always double check.

Other ways to stay safe in your workshop or onsite is to always respect the workspace of your colleagues, especially when they are using cordless power tools. Even though there are no cables to trip over, you must always be aware of who and what is happening around you, if a work mate needs to move when drilling or cutting and you are in the way then an accident and injury can happen. Do not try and attract the attention of a work mate when he is working with an industrial power tool, unless it is an emergency always wait for them to complete the drilled hole, or cut and wait until the tool is safe before engaging their attention.

Using modern industrial power tools and following clear and well known site safety procedures will keep you and your team working efficiently and safely, ensuring that the jobs gets done quickly, with no fuss and no damage to the job or most importantly yourself.

Quality Cordless Drills on a Budget

10th January 2011

Cordless drills are the mainstay of any power tool kit. Top of the range professional models are well designed and very robust, suited to high intensity use on a day to day basis by the trade. For the less demanding user there are less expensive cordless drills available that will still provide a long life of service and give plenty of power when required.

Buying less expensive cordless drills does not always mean sacrificing a tool’s features. Even it under £100, these cordless drills have numerous features that extend the usefulness of these tools dramatically.

The Bosch GSR12-2 12v Drill Driver comes with 2 x 1.5Ah NiCD batteries and will accept up to a 10mm drill bits or larger auger bits. Even at the lower end of the price spectrum this Bosch cordless drill is designed to absorb the shocks and impacts of daily use without compromising its operating ability. The 2 speed gearbox is designed to provide both high torque output and high speed drilling plus a 25 position torque limiter gives complete control.

The DeWALT DC727KA 12v Drill Driver is an extremely useful bit of kit, with a 2 speed gearbox it can drill through 10mm steel with ease. Away from high speed settings this 12v cordless drill is capable of producing up to 32Nm of torque and a 17 position torque limiter means that you can accurately control this power for consistent tension when screwing into a variety of materials.

Makita power tools produce the 6281DWP 14.4v Drill Driver a very reasonably priced cordless drill which can fasten and undo screws up to 36Nm, torque is controlled through a 16 position limiter. The 2 speed gearbox (with full reverse action) is all metal, meaning that the tool should last well beyond its full industrial warranty.

These quality industrial power tools are available through Power Tools Pro a main stockist and supplier of power tools to the trade, as with all PTP power tools these quality budget machines are supplied with full warranties.

Milwaukee makes things happen

10th January 2011

Milwaukee Power Tools have been creating market-leading heavy duty power tools and accessories for professional users for over 80 years. Driven by an outstanding global reputation that’s built around reliability, durability, high performance and outstanding performance Milwaukee have now grown to become one of the biggest selling power tool brands in many countries including the USA

Milwaukee Power ToolsExplore the 2011 Milwaukee range and you’ll see that it’s loaded with technological innovation to offer UK and European tradesmen advanced alternatives to traditional power tool brands. Choose from an impressive product line-up that covers cordless power tools, saws, drills, grinders, SDS-Plus hammers and specialist equipment. In addition a vast selection of accessories is available to support the extensive Milwaukee Power Tools range.

Milwaukee have recently launched their latest ranges of 12v and 18v lithium power tools including 12v Percussion Drill C12PD, Impact Wrench C12IW and Screwdriver C12D plus lithium kits C12PP2C-32B and C12PP2D-22B. The 18v lithium range is led by the landmark C18PD22 Combi Hammer Drill along with a powerful HD18ID-32 Impact Driver and HD18PD-32 Hammer Drill. The Milwaukee 18v range also offers the trade some great machine kits including the 4pce HD18PP4B and giant 7pce HD18PP6A-32C Li-ion Combi Kit.

Milwaukee is also the home of the famous KANGO brand giving the trade heavy duty mains drills with SDS-MAX 500S Chiselling Drill and 545S Combi Drills, 900K Demolition Hammer Drill and the PH26X SDS-Plus Hammer DrillMilwaukee Chiselling Hammer Drill       

It’s easy to see why Milwaukee is relied upon worldwide by demanding tradesmen and professionals with high expectations across all trades who require heavy duty power tools for professional work. Power Tools Pro promote, stock and supply this superb range of Milwaukee Power Tools and service trade requirements throughout the UK and Europe. The links below take you through to our large industrial power tool website where you can easily review the Milwaukee power tools range plus other leading manufacturers including DeWALT, Evolution, Ryobi, Makita and Bosch power tools

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Milwaukee 18v Jigsaw

DeWALT DW030P Laser Distance Measurement High Accuracy with Extreme Durability

5th January 2011

The DeWALT DW030P laser distance measurer offers the tradesman great design features and modern high speed functionality; the DW030P is a product that will meet all of the trades measuring needs. Manufactured to the highest quality this laser tool withstands inevitable drops and falls that occur in the workplace. The IP54 rating allows this DW030P extreme durable – water / moisture resistance and is specified to survive a 2mtr drop with no ill-effects, working visibility of measurements even in darker conditions is greatly enhanced using the automatic backlight

Laser Measurement DeWALT DW030PWith its new simple interface the DW030P sits comfortably in the hand and provides easy one-handed operations. Critically, with one touch operation using the raised oversized buttons, the DW030P also makes line, square and cubic measurements fast, repeatable and accurate to 3mm over 30mtr. This DeWALT DW030P will add or subtract readings and calculate distance in metric or imperial ranges and comes with the two AAA batteries required to power it plus a wrist lanyard and a horizontal belt pouch. The DW030P has a flat, square base that gives a solid platform to measure from without shaking or movement avoiding measuring errors.

If you work requires estimating, setting out of checking completed work and you need to do it quickly with accuracy and reliably this DeWALT DW030P laser distance measurement tool is the perfect tool to use, Power Tools Pro has added this professional laser to their extensive range of laser measuring tools, please refer to the website, though the quick link, for the full technical specification of this market leading tool.

Power Tools Pro quick link to DeWALT DW030P laser measuring tool: