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Professional solutions for drilling Concrete and Stone

22nd February 2011

GBH4-32DFR Bosch Hammer Drill

Bosch GBH4-32DFR Hammer Drill

When heavy drilling into concrete and stone using Bosch SDS-Plus, SDS-MAX or Bosch Breakers, a tremendous amount is expected from you and the industrial power tools you are using, performance, versatility and commitment are standard even under extreme conditions. Professional Bosch Power Tools like the SDS-Plus GBH4-32DFRNMD 4kg Rotary Hammer Drill or SDS-MAX GSH5CE Demolition Hammer Drills are ideal for concrete and stone work offering the trade top performance, robustness and total reliability where and when it matters throughout the contract. Whether drilling holes for fixings, performing corrective chiselling work, cutting slots or drilling in the hardest tiles Bosch Power Tools give you everything you require achieving professional results in the shortest time with a very high degree of safety and vibration control.

When Bosch are developing blue power tools, such as the new GSH27VC Breaker now one of the world’s most powerful electric breakers, Bosch technicians work closely with real professionals actually on the worksite, these guys use industrial heavy duty professional power tools for a living, time is money so the tools have to be bullet proof. These professionals also assist Bosch Power Tools engineers with the testing, sometimes to destruction, resulting in new Bosch machines having to deal with extreme conditions, such as inside mountain tunnels, making sure newly developed Bosch SDS-Plus Drills such as the GBH2-20D Rotary Hammer Drill or the SDS-MAX GBH5-40DCE Rotary Hammer Drill can take the punishment day in day out.

Bosch GSH27VC Breaker

Bosch Breaker GSH27VC

Continuous testing and improvements have allowed the professional trade to come to rely and trust the full range of Bosch heavy hammers, Power Tools Pro a leading stockist of professional Bosch Hammer Drills offer the trade these hammers in 230v, 110v or cordless modes, fast road delivery gets any Bosch Hammer Drill to you EXACTLY when you need it.

GTA 2500 W or GTA 60 W Flexible and Portable Work Benches

18th February 2011

Bosch GTA2500W Mitre Saw Transport

GTA 2500 W Bosch Transport

The latest mobility concept for Bosch mitre saws and table saws from Bosch Power Tools is a must for the professional trade:-

Double benefits as these stands are a great means of transport both on and off the jobsite and a stable, sturdy work bench on the job

Easy to assemble and collapse for transit just one lever movement and your ready to leave or work and with the added advantage of not having to remove the table saw

The large pneumatic tyres allow convenient and easy transport and are great when moving over uneven construction site terrain

Power Tools Pro now offers the trade unlimited flexibility with Bosch tools new mobility concept for industrial mitre saws and table saws. This concept consists of two practical partners for interior fitters, floorers, window fitters, joiners and exhibition fitters who work with industrial power tools from Bosch for professionals: these transport and work benches GTA 2500 W Professional mitre saw stand and the GTA 60 W Professional table saw stand from Bosch are easy to assemble and dismantle with only one lever movement and you don’t even have to remove the bench top tool. Thanks to the large pneumatic tyres these Bosch stands enable the trade to quickly and easily transport heavy industrial power tools such as mitre saws and table saws, also over uneven construction site terrain saving time, effort and in complete safety

Height adjustable feet guarantee excellent stability in multiple positions when used for on-site work applications and the robust steel construction of the transport and work bench capacity also ensure a long lifetime and versatile use. Another advantage is the easy handling of the total assembly system, this makes the GTA 2500 W Professional the perfect partner for versatile use of mitre saws and sliding mitre saws, such as the GCM 12 SD Professional from Bosch. The GTA 60 W Professional is tailor-made for use with the Bosch Table Saw GTS 10 Professional.

Power Tools Pro is a major on line Bosch Power Tools supplier to the trade, stock includes the full range of Bosch mitre saw and Bosch table saws and necessary industrial power tool accessories including TCT blades for all applications and the GTA2500W professional mitre saw stand and GTA60W professional table saw stand

GTA 60 W Bosch Table Saw Stand

Bosch GTA 60 W Table Saw Transport

Pro Site Protractor – Measure, Set, Cut, Fit!

17th February 2011

Today’s professional tradesman are always pleased to receive all the help they can get, pressure on the job can lead to mistakes, mistakes lead to inaccurate work or scrapping jobs, scrapping jobs means less profit which is less money at the end of the week for more work. Power Tools Pro with L.S. Starrett recognised this problem out on the work site and after studying the problem have come up with a great easy to use foolproof solution, note the wording guys “foolproof and easy to use” it’s called the 505A-12 Pro Site Protractor and its now available from warehouse stock through Power Tools Pro supplier of quality industrial power tools.

Starrett Protractor 505A-12

505A-12 L.S. Starrett Protractor

This trade protractor is a clever bit of kit taking easy to make error prone calculations out of the process of mitre cuts, simply set your mitre saw to the angle that you read straight off the job with the great thing about the 505A-12 protractor being that upside down or backwards, the reading is always correct.  

This easy use Starrett protractor has two scales the red scale and arrow clearly show the angle for a mitre joint cut, while the black arrow and scale provide the angle to fit a single work piece to an angle. The L.S. Starrett 505A-12 Mitre Saw Protractor is manufactured from durable 6mm aluminum with Teflon ‘O’ ring for smooth and precise operation that allows the innovative 505A-12 protractor to save time and reduces scrap. It’s the answer to the tradesman’s prayers ideal for carpenters, plumbers and all building trades that require the measuring and transferring of angles, a professional tool for the professional trade. Next time you scrap a job due to your mistakes remember Power Tools Pro told you about this “error free” 505A-12 Starrett protractor

No Calculations, No Mess, No Errors and No Waste!

Hitachi 305mm Compound Mitre Saws with LED Display and Laser Marker

15th February 2011

Power Tools Pro are an active Hitachi Power Tools supplier and have large stocks of Hitachi tools including two powerful compound mitre saws from the 305mm TCT blade range, the C12LC and C12FCH each use and incorporate a feature from the popular C12LCH mitre saw, if you use Hitachi tools you will be aware of the revolutionary Hitachi LCD display and accurate cutting laser marker.

Hitachi C12LC Mitre SawHitachi’s C12LC 305mm compound mitre saw includes a digital LCD display to easily see the mitre saw and bevel readings for operator precision and accuracy with all cuts. The LCD scale located on the front of the mitre saw, above the scale adjustment knob, allows operators to quickly and accurately set the bevel and mitre angles. A handy backlight button can be activated on the scale improving visibility if working in dimly lit conditions or where there is not enough natural light.

The C12FCH 305mm compound mitre saw has the Hitachi laser marker indicating where the blade will cut on the material and can be adjusted to the right or left depending on user preference. Both the C12LC and C12FCH use a 1520w motor to smoothly cut through most industrial jobs including hardwoods. A pivoting aluminum fence that stands at a height of 130mm allows crown molding to be cut vertically plus mitre angles range from 0-52 degrees, both left and right for a broader range of cuts. Mitre angles can be quickly adjusted using Hitachi’s thumb actuated positive stops and the soft grip covers on the horizontal handle reduce vibration and fatigue, while adding comfort and safety. The large base provides better support and balance to prevent material warping and the handy externally accessible carbon brush makes for quick and easy changes reducing down time of these Hitachi mitre saws.

C12LC and C12FCH mitre saws come with 305mm TCT saw blades, dust bag, vise assembly, box wrench and hex bar wrench, they are the ideal heavy duty 305mm compound mitre saws for trim carpenters, framers and woodworkers who demand and require both precision and reliability and both mitre saws are fully compatible with the Hitachi UU610CZ universal workstation

Hitachi tools in conjunction with Power Tools Pro reflect the aggressive modern ergonomic design being implemented by manufacturers such as Hitachi Power Tools, they are pioneering yet another trend in the industrial power tools sector that incorporate the ever improving and market leading technology to improve performance and reliability, with ergonomic design- modernizing the traditional workshop or jobsite and manufacturing industrial power tools that professional tradesmen want to use, be seen using and enjoy using on the work site or in the workshop

Makita Power Tools at Power Tools Pro

15th February 2011

Makita have a long history of making quality cordless power tools that stand up very well to real job site and workshop conditions. While Cordless Drills, jigsaws and impact drivers may be the mainstay of their power tool range, Makita make a number of highly specialised tools that are invaluable for any contractors.

Makita 2414B Chop Saw 355mm 2000w/1650w motors Steel CutThe Makita 2414B Cut-Off Saw is an ideal fixture on any site or in any workshop that needs to make fast accurate and repeated cuts in steel or metal. This Makita chop saw focuses on fast efficient cutting and the heavy duty design makes it an ideal chop saw for rougher construction work.

The Makita 3612 Router makes fast work of rebating panel edges and accurate depth laps in timber. It has a fully adjustable guide to ensure all routing is perfectly aligned to timber edges and an advanced electronic speed control on this Makita router automatically adjusts the motor speed to maintain a constant cutting speed even if density varies.

The Makita 4191DWB Tile Cutter is the fastest and safest option for glass and ceramic cutting, with its diamond blade and water cooling system. For fast and efficient work on bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms, it allows your team to work quickly and is the ideal Makita power tools for fully bespoke designs.

The Makita 6843 Auto-Feed Screwdriver is perfectly suited to speeding up assembly of framing and panelling. The nose of the tool is designed to prevent screw sway and allows the operator to focus on placement of the screws to keep their work neat and strong.
Power Tools Pro stock a wide range of Industrial power tools from major manufacturers, Bosch, Makita and DeWALT power tools. We specialise in cordless power tools, mitre saws, metal cutting saws as well as heavy industrial power tools.

Job Site Radio and Radio Chargers for Cordless Tools

15th February 2011

Music in the workplace sets a pace for hard work and keeps minds active on those jobs which can be repetitive. Building sites and workshops are not generally friendly environments for electronic gear and constantly replacing underpriced household radios can become more expensive than buying a unit designed to cope with the dust, mud, vibration and impacts of heavy industry. Job site radios are designed to stand up to the rigours of an industrial environment while still providing sound clarity and enough power to be heard in most working conditions.

Hitachi UR10DL Radio for 10.8v batteriesThe Hitachi UR18DSL Radio is a good solid job site radio that gives crystal clear sound from a pair of 76mm cones that offer direct sound as well as a pair of bass ports giving depth of sound that belies the small size of the radio. As well as sharp radio reception this Hitachi Radio has input connections for mobile phones and MP3 players as well as a recharging port for mobile devices. The UR18DSL Hitachi radio uses 14.4v or 18v batteries for power as well as a standard corded source of power, this site radio does not charge power tool batteries.

The Bosch GML50 Radio Charger is a real tough professional piece of kit. Drop tests have proves that this Bosch radio can survive falls up to 9mtr and still be fully functional afterwards, now that that you call tough. The robust construction is not at the cost of other features: the GML50 radio acts as a charger for Bosch lithium batteries from 14.4v to 18v, as well as having sockets for multimedia additions including AUX-in, USB and CD/MMC card slot. Sound quality is great with full 50w power delivered by 4 speakers and is the first jobsite radio with a powerful integrated subwoofer.

Power Tools Pro stock a wide range of industrial power tools from major market leading manufacturers Bosch Power Tools, Makita and ever popular DeWALT. We specialise in cordless power tools, including cordless drills and cordless circular saws plus heavy industrial power tools and power tool accessories including the full range of jobsite radios.

DeWALT NANO power tools

15th February 2011

DeWALT NANO power tools use Lithium- Ion batteries to manufacture a range of cordless power tools that are compact and lighter in weight than cordless power tools using NiMH or NiCD batteries. The range is available in 18v, 28v and 36v with the added advantage that DeWALT NANO batteries are fully backwards compatible with all previous DeWALT cordless power tools.
Lithium technology not only allows DeWALT power tools to make battery packs smaller and lighter, they also have an extremely long working lifespan, factory figures state in excess of 2000 charges, this is up to four times that of some competitors’ NiCD or NiMH battery packs.

With over 30 tools compatible with the 18v NANO batteries, choice of using the right tool is never a problem. For example the DC827KL Impact Driver gives high torque figures (150 Nm) from a very compact tool, ideal for working in restricted spaces. The industrial rubberised grip on these cordless impact drivers reduces vibration and an electronic brake eliminates the risk of spin-on damaging screw heads and other fittings and fixings.

DeWALT DC390KL 18v Circular Saw with 2 x 2Ah NANO Batteries 55mm CutThe DeWALT DC390KL Circular Saw is another popular industrial power tool that uses the latest lithium technology from DeWALT NANO batteries. These lightweight DeWALT cordless tools are easy and safe to control assisted by a magnesium bevel plate with keyless adjustment, electronic motor brake and full guards offer complete safety plus the lock off switch allows safe easy adjustment of all settings.

DeWALT NANO battery packs and fast chargers, average charging time of any DeWALT lithium battery is around 25 minutes, are superb additions when updating your existing inventory of DeWALT cordless tools, plus the wide range of tools available make them ideal for any company wishing to upgrade older DeWALT industrial power tools for a safer and more cost effective solution.

Makita Cordless Drill Drivers

7th February 2011

Makita produce a range of cordless drill drivers with a wide variety of voltages that fulfil a wide variety of job requirements on any building site or workshop. The current Makita range of Drill Drivers include both compact drill drivers and angle drills, allowing accurate drilling and driving in awkward difficult to reach spaces that a standard drill driver simply cannot access.

Makita 6271DWP 12v Drill Driver 1 x 1.3Ah NiCD Battery 10mm Chuck & 5mtr PTP TapeThe Makita 6271DWP 12v Drill Driver gives the operator the flexibility and power to handle most fit out tasks on-site. With a 10mm capacity industrial keyless chuck and multiple torque settings available to the tradesman this 12v cordless drill driver is one of the most flexible cordless 12v drill drivers in the market today. Using an all metal transmission and gearbox mean that this cordless drill driver will give a long life of trouble free service, reliable strong tools will always beat cheap deals or makes and in the long run allow work to be finished on time and within budget keeping costs down in today’s construction company.

Internal walls spaces, under floor areas and above suspended ceilings are areas of a building where access and working space can be extremely limited. When placing new fittings or making repairs in these areas a cordless angle drill can be a requirement not an extra power tool in your toolbag. The Makita DA312DWDE 12v angle drill is the ideal cordless power tool for this type of work as the body design is extremely slim, from the back of the head to the chuck tip is only 105mm. The body and handle design puts the 12vNiMH battery at the ideal distance from the head in order to achieve balance in the hand for both drilling and driving. These 12v cordless angle drill drivers are popular Makita industrial power tools having the reputation for quality and a full industrial warranty to make it a safe choice for any contractor or tradesman.

Makita Cordless Impact Wrenches

7th February 2011

Impact Wrenches extend the power ability of the cordless impact drivers platform by allowing direct attachment of ½” sockets and fittings. This allows these types of industrial power tools extremely useful in an automotive workshop and also assembly of heavy fabricated framework on building sites.

Makita BTW200SAJ 24v Impact Wrench 1 x 3.3Ah & 1 x 2Ah NiMH Batteries 1/2" Drive & 5mtr PTP TapeImpact Wrenches, or as they are often fondly known as ‘Rattle Guns’, allow fast application of high torque to a nut or bolt. On vehicles this can make operations that would normally involve careful application of breaker bar and an extension handle to be easily and more safely achieved by a single skilled fitter. Torque is delivered in quick impacts (hence the rattle) which is more efficient than a constant pressure on a tight fixing.

Makita produce a range of Impact Wrenches and Drill Drivers that have short compact bodies, ideal for automotive work where room to manoeuvre is often limited.

The Makita BTW200SAJ 24v Impact Wrench is a heavy duty cordless power tool that can apply and release torque of up to 200Nm. This makes it ideal for heavy automotive work, such as HGV maintenance or heavy fabrication fitting like steel support frames in buildings where corded power may be difficult to maintain. This extra power is also useful for restoration work where corroded fixings may require extra “grunt” to loosen off and will hamper and slow down the job using less effective less powerful alternative tools.

The Makita 6934FDWFE 14.4v Impact Wrench is supplied with 2Ah NiMH Makita batteries and a fast Makita charger. This gives the user an almost non-stop shift cycle as these batteries will charge faster than constant use of the tool can discharge cells. The 6934FDWFE Makita Impact Wrench has a useful built-in LED job light that makes working in the nooks and crannies of a vehicle far easier and safer.