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Portable Ladders

11th April 2011

Ladders are among the most useful of tools both in the workplace and in the home. Despite their usefulness few homes and even fewer businesses have a pair, likely because most ladders are difficult to store due of their length, even when folded. Xtend & Climb ladders are unlike any you have seen before. Rather than folding out like a conventional ladder Xtend & Climb ladders fold down like an aerial. This means that a ladder that can extend to 3.8metres can fold down to a mere 0.81metre!

This compact folded height means that the Xtend & Climb can be easily stored in any cupboard, under a desk or in the boot of your car. This makes them ideal for home, office and for tradesmen like Surveyors who do not wish to be forced to drive a van or large vehicle simply to be able to carry a set of ladders in addition to their normal tools. The Xtend & Climb retracts rung by rung, so it is even more suitable for surveying use as you can extend the ladder rung by rung only as far as you need it. The portable ladder features an innovative system that not only locks each rung firmly in place, it has a green red indicator that ensures you never try and climb a ladder that has not been ‘locked’ to height.

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Roofing Tools

11th April 2011

Of all the jobs when constructing a building, roofing is one of the most hazardous. Typical site dangers include the misuse of industrial power tools, failure of load bearing objects or machinery and contact with hazardous materials. Roofing contains all of these dangers and has the added difficulty of being undertaken high up and often on a surface designed to allow material and objects to easily roll down and off the roof.

A good set of roofing ladders and a selection of lightweight tools minimises the risk as much as possible, giving you mobility to work without sacrificing your grip and your safety.

The Summit 1305-002 Roofing ladders are designed to provide you with a solid working base while working on even steeply angled surfaces. The 5.5m ladder is topped by a secure ridge hook that ensures the ladders cannot move once placed in position. Placement is made simple by light weight aluminium construction and mounted wheels on the back of the ladder.

Keeping your hands free while working on a roof is essential: moving around on ladders while holding anything in one hand increases the chance of an accident by more than 25%. Properly designed workwear, like Scruffs Pro Trousers, has loops and pockets designed to hold all the tools you will need. With everything you need to complete the job stowed away your hands will be free to provide grip, stability and safety while you move around the roof.

One of the mainstays of the roofing trade is a hand held nailer. The Hitachi NR90GR2 Nailer is a gas charged roofing nailer capable of driving nails from 51mm-90mm through joists and framing. The gas fuel cell lasts for around 1200 firings and a magazine holds 32 Nails. The NR90GR2 is ideally suited to roofing tasks as it features a handy fold away joist hook, meaning that you can hook it out of the way when you need both hands to move safely.