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Cordless Industrial Power Tools

7th July 2011

There is more to the cordless power tool market than cordless drills and jigsaws, almost every aspect of industrial construction and the tasks in a number of other industries has been changed by the introduction of small, powerful and portable Cordless industrial power tools. Machines such as cordless Nail Guns and even cordless Caulking Guns have massively increased the productivity of the individual worker in heavy industries.

The Makita 6835DWDE Cordless Driver is a heavy duty 12v driver with an auto-load clutch feature designed to dramatically reduce the time required for panelling, and studding and also speeds up work when fitting out a building. It is no lightweight at 2.1kg but operator fatigue is reduced when compared to a combination Cordless Drill Driver as there is no need to pause in the work to set individual screws and no need to attempt to use the tool single handed.

Magazine loading Nailers are not a new tool, but the DeWALT DC618KB Cordless Nailer packs in innovations that make it a valuable asset in any construction or industrial environment. The angled magazine gives more clearance than a flat nailer while still allowing a full range of nails to be used. With operator selected firing modes (i.e. trigger or contact) this cordless industrial power tool can be used for precision jobs and those where speed of operation is a major factor. In the interest of speed DeWALT have developed a depth of nail technology that alters the force of the impact to keep nail depths consistent with no adjustment even if you shift from hard materials to soft materials.

Angle Drills & Cordless Drill Drivers

7th July 2011

Angle Drills offer a far greater range of flexibility than a standard Cordless Drill Driver. The angled head and narrow section is designed to allow drilling and driving in awkward, confined spaces with limited access. With the development of new battery designs and more robust mechanicals to handle the increased power available, angle drills have become the preference for many associated trades such as kitchen fitters and plumbers. Power Tools Pro stock angle drills from 12v cordless tools up to heavy duty corded 1050watt angle drills.

The Makita DA312DWDE 12v angle Drill Driver is an angle configuration Cordless Drill Driver that runs from Makita Power Tools excellent NiMH batteries. The 10mm keyless chuck is of a compact design, connected to precision mechanics that keep the tool to minimal dimensions: 105mm from the tip of the chuck to the top of the tool. The design of the drill body keeps the tool well balanced and easy to handle in confined work spaces and the low 1.4kg weight helps keep operator fatigue low.

The Makita DA4031 Angle Drill is a completely different animal to the mini DA312DWDE. This corded Industrial Power Tool provides a whopping 1050watts of drilling power. The angled configuration gives the drill operator perfect control even when the tool is in its lower gear. Low rpm drilling with such a powerful tool can be a little dangerous in some cases as the risk of the drill bit binding is increased. To combat this, Makita have fitted a torque limiter to prevent any dangerous kick-back, should the drill bit jam.

Mitre Saws That Gets the Job Done Efficiently

7th July 2011

With a relatively recent development history, the compound mitre saw has allowed wood working establishments, and the building trades to work faster and more efficiently by simplifying one of the most common jobs in joinery and wooden construction.

Hand sawing timber is a slow and laborious task that cannot even be redeemed though simplicity. Hand cutting wood to create multi angle joints is a job that requires a steady and accurate hand as well as accurate measurements, and generally a large amount of tweaking and finishing making the joint perfect.

The compound mitre saw simplifies at least two parts of the process, measuring and working out a correct joint angle will always be a feature of carpentry but once the angles are correct and checked, a professional mitre saw, such as the Makita LS1013X Mitre Saw is able to cut quickly, neatly and thanks to a laser indicated cut line, perfectly accurately.

The Makita is very accurate, but with a 260mm blade it can be limited in cut depth. The Bosch GCM12SD Mitre Saw on the other hand features a 306mm blade, increasing its range of workable stock as well as making for a more flexible tool. These GCM12SD saws are perfect for mitre cutting, bevels, compound cuts and grooving in both hardwood and soft wood. Another neat feature of the Bosch is the repositionable handles, these allow operators to place the handles in position to give low fatigue working and increased safety onsite and in the workshop.

Industrial Power Tools from Power Tools Pro

7th July 2011

Industrial power tools are at the cutting edge of engineering technology today. While architects and civil engineers get to showcase the amazing constructions built by the trade, the humble cordless drill, without which that building could never have been erected, sees hard use day in and day out.

Likewise the speed and power of engines and vehicles captures the press attention, ignoring the amazing robustness of the power tools within the automotive trade, without which no car on the road would ever turn a wheel.

Quality industrial power tools like cordless drill drivers and cordless impact drivers are designed to tolerate an amazing amount of use and abuse without fail, while offering ever more power, more efficient working and greater levels of operator safety each year. Even now with power tools such an established feature of the construction and automotive industries development is continuing, with the latest crop of Lithium Ion battery powered tools offering the longest ever per-charge running reduced memory effect and smaller lighter tools.

The most modern industrial power tools, from Power Tools Pro, are marvels of engineering and ergonomic design that can make a real difference to the efficiency of your workforce. Replacing an inventory of older, corded tools with up to date cordless power tools can dramatically improve working conditions, site and workshop safety as well as reducing maintenance and repair costs of tools.