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Roofing Tools

11th April 2011

Of all the jobs when constructing a building, roofing is one of the most hazardous. Typical site dangers include the misuse of industrial power tools, failure of load bearing objects or machinery and contact with hazardous materials. Roofing contains all of these dangers and has the added difficulty of being undertaken high up and often on a surface designed to allow material and objects to easily roll down and off the roof.

A good set of roofing ladders and a selection of lightweight tools minimises the risk as much as possible, giving you mobility to work without sacrificing your grip and your safety.

The Summit 1305-002 Roofing ladders are designed to provide you with a solid working base while working on even steeply angled surfaces. The 5.5m ladder is topped by a secure ridge hook that ensures the ladders cannot move once placed in position. Placement is made simple by light weight aluminium construction and mounted wheels on the back of the ladder.

Keeping your hands free while working on a roof is essential: moving around on ladders while holding anything in one hand increases the chance of an accident by more than 25%. Properly designed workwear, like Scruffs Pro Trousers, has loops and pockets designed to hold all the tools you will need. With everything you need to complete the job stowed away your hands will be free to provide grip, stability and safety while you move around the roof.

One of the mainstays of the roofing trade is a hand held nailer. The Hitachi NR90GR2 Nailer is a gas charged roofing nailer capable of driving nails from 51mm-90mm through joists and framing. The gas fuel cell lasts for around 1200 firings and a magazine holds 32 Nails. The NR90GR2 is ideally suited to roofing tasks as it features a handy fold away joist hook, meaning that you can hook it out of the way when you need both hands to move safely.

Job site Radio and Radio Chargers for cordless tools

10th March 2011

Music in the workplace sets a pace for hard work and keeps minds active on those jobs which can be repetitive. Building sites and workshops are not generally friendly environments for electronic gear and constantly replacing underpriced household radios can become more expensive than buying a unit designed to cope with the dust, mud, vibration and impacts of heavy industry. Job site radios are designed to stand up to the rigours of an industrial environment while still providing sound clarity and enough power to be heard in most working conditions.

The Hitachi UR18DSL Radio is a good solid job site radio that gives crystal clear sound from a pair of 76mm cones that offer direct sound as well as a pair of bass ports giving depth of sound that belies the small size of the radio. As well as sharp radio reception this Hitachi Radio has input connections for mobile phones and MP3 players as well as a recharging port for mobile devices. The UR18DSL Hitachi radio uses 14.4v or 18v batteries for power as well as a standard corded source of power, this site radio does not charge power tool batteries.

The Bosch GML50 Radio Charger is a real tough professional piece of kit. Drop tests have proves that this Bosch radio can survive falls up to 9mtr and still be fully functional afterwards, now that that you call tough. The robust construction is not at the cost of other features: the GML50 radio acts as a charger for Bosch lithium batteries from 14.4v to 18v, as well as having sockets for multimedia additions including AUX-in, USB and CD/MMC card slot. Sound quality is great with full 50w power delivered by 4 speakers and is the first jobsite radio with a powerful integrated subwoofer.

Power Tools Pro stock a wide range of Industrial power tools from major market leading manufacturers Bosch Power Tools, Makita and ever popular DeWALT. We specialise in cordless power tools, including cordless drills and cordless circular saws plus heavy industrial power tools and power tool accessories including the full range of jobsite radios

Hitachi Lightweight Lithium Battery and Efficient Brushless Motor Technology

8th November 2010

Hitachi Power Tool Lithium Batteries

Hitachi Power Tools have spent time and money designing and successfully launching a battery range including BCL1015 10.8v, BCL1430 14.4v & EBM1830 18v Lithium batteries that are 40% lighter than well liked and popular NiMH batteries, these new Hitachi batteries allow operators longer usage time with greater control and safety. The unique protection circuitry in Hitachi lithium batteries prevents battery overload, overcharge or high discharge allowing the manufacturer to publish a value of 260% longer service life than equivalent voltage batteries.

New 18v BSL1830 DSL slide-on batteries from Hitachi Power Tools have ultra slim handles for ease of use and the all new design slide on batteries have extra battery terminals allowing greater flexibility in the provision of new features such as an integrated LED job lights situated at the base of the power tool with 15 minute switch off facility and all electronic switches. These new 18v, 24v & 36v batteries automatically increase safety thanks to their slide on design due to solid and secure contact with the Hitachi power tool throughout all working applications plus a simple button indicator immediately shows the amount of power left in the Hitachi lithium battery.

Like all leading manufacturers Hitachi Power Tools have developed a conscience regarding the planet and to be fair to them are now manufacturing their Hitachi lithium batteries without any harmful nasty chemicals including Cadmium. Hitachi lithium batteries offer the operator an extremely low discharge rate, for example should you not use your cordless lithium power tool for say 35 to 40 days the in-battery charge would only have dropped by around 5% allowing you to pick it up and use immediately. Finally Hitachi lithium batteries have no memory effect making it possible to give them a quick top-up blast to finish any job   

Hitachi Brushless Motor Technology

The next generation of Hitachi power tool brushless motors have now been launched and listing as the current generation of Hitachi’s products opening up a new world of Hitachi cordless power tools by offering today’s users maximum efficiency, great economy, superb reliability and outstanding performance throughout the tools working life, this motor platform is based on advanced electronic control technology integrating the newly developed Hitachi brushless motor, high performance lithium-ion batteries and advanced electronic control technology.

Hitachi brushless motors operate and revolve more efficiently than conventional power tool motors with less electrical loss and very low friction resistance, these brushless motors are around 30% more efficient than conventional motors, generating less heat due in part due to lower friction within the motor, than conventional motors allowing improved dust proofing and longer service life. New brushless motor cordless tools from Hitachi Power Tools feature new electronic trigger switches which require only half the trigger force of a conventional model. In addition the new electronic switch requires a lower electric load one again prolonging Hitachi power tools working life.

Bullet points for Hitachi brushless motor technology & lithium battery power tools include:

High efficiency brushless motor increases working time by up to 30%

No carbon brushes to replace

Longer service life & greater increased life of the trigger switch

Electronic switching requires less trigger force

4 stage adjustable rotation speed

Uses lightweight slide in/on lithium battery technology

LED job light illuminates work pieces

Battery level indicator on the battery  

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