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Industrial power tools are at the cutting edge of engineering technology today. While architects and civil engineers get to showcase the amazing constructions built by the trade, the humble cordless drill, without which that building could never have been erected, sees hard use day in and day out.

Likewise the speed and power of engines and vehicles captures the press attention, ignoring the amazing robustness of the power tools within the automotive trade, without which no car on the road would ever turn a wheel.

Quality industrial power tools like cordless drill drivers and cordless impact drivers are designed to tolerate an amazing amount of use and abuse without fail, while offering ever more power, more efficient working and greater levels of operator safety each year. Even now with power tools such an established feature of the construction and automotive industries development is continuing, with the latest crop of Lithium Ion battery powered tools offering the longest ever per-charge running reduced memory effect and smaller lighter tools.

The most modern industrial power tools, from Power Tools Pro, are marvels of engineering and ergonomic design that can make a real difference to the efficiency of your workforce. Replacing an inventory of older, corded tools with up to date cordless power tools can dramatically improve working conditions, site and workshop safety as well as reducing maintenance and repair costs of tools.

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