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Ladders are among the most useful of tools both in the workplace and in the home. Despite their usefulness few homes and even fewer businesses have a pair, likely because most ladders are difficult to store due of their length, even when folded. Xtend & Climb ladders are unlike any you have seen before. Rather than folding out like a conventional ladder Xtend & Climb ladders fold down like an aerial. This means that a ladder that can extend to 3.8metres can fold down to a mere 0.81metre!

This compact folded height means that the Xtend & Climb can be easily stored in any cupboard, under a desk or in the boot of your car. This makes them ideal for home, office and for tradesmen like Surveyors who do not wish to be forced to drive a van or large vehicle simply to be able to carry a set of ladders in addition to their normal tools. The Xtend & Climb retracts rung by rung, so it is even more suitable for surveying use as you can extend the ladder rung by rung only as far as you need it. The portable ladder features an innovative system that not only locks each rung firmly in place, it has a green red indicator that ensures you never try and climb a ladder that has not been ‘locked’ to height.

Check out our entire range of aluminium ladders, or contact one of our industrial power tool experts.

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